Based in Cordoba, Spain, Canvax has been the original manufacturer and supplier of the most innovative solutions, services, kits and R&D reagents in molecular and cell biology since 2001.

Awarded as Most Innovative Company in 2014, with 10 Technologies Patented Worldwide or Unprecedented Milestones achieved, Canvax is an Original Manufacturer of 450+ High Quality, Cost-effective & Easy-to-use Life Science Solutions that Accelerates Scientists Success since 2001.

Canvax’ın Çalışma Alanları:

Molecular Biology,

Cell Biology,


Recombinant Proteins,

Cancer Research,

Antibodies, Antibodies and Serums,



Gene Expression Vectors (Bacterial & Mammalian),

Cell Transfection,

Viral Transduction,

Nucleic Acid Purification Kits,

PCR Enzymes and reagents.