Dynamica Scientific Ltd. is a UK-based company that focuses on the development of centrifuge and DNA analyzer technologies.

They offer a variety of centrifuges for different applications, including microcentrifuges, high-speed centrifuges, and versatile centrifuges.


Dynamica DNAmaster, a microvolume measurement and spectrophotometer device, has four different functions:


  1. Nucleic Acid Analysis

DNAmaster converts absorbance measurements taken at the specified wavelength for different nucleic acids, such as double-stranded DNA, single-stranded DNA, RNA, or oligonucleotides, directly into concentration units.

The detection limit for double-stranded DNA for DNAmaster is 20 ng/μl.


  1. Protein Analysis

DNAmaster easily measures protein concentrations from a variety of colorimetric analyses, such as Bradford, Lowry, Biuret, and BCA.

In addition to numerical data, a standard calibration curve can be displayed.

It also measures protein alone at 280 nm or protein-dye complexes absorbed at 246 nm.


  1. Optical Density in Cell Culture

DNAmaster also measures bacterial cell density at 600 nm. Absorbance readings of around 0.4 units help you to determine the optimum time for harvesting cells or inducing cells in the exponential growth phase.


  1. Spectrophotometry

DNAmaster also serves as a conventional spectrophotometer for use with an Ultramicro cell or a standard quartz-glass cuvette.

It performs single-wavelength photometry in absorbance or percent transmittance mode, including multi-wavelength photometry for up to 6 user-defined wavelengths in absorbance mode.

Other functions include wavelength scans, time-interval scans for kinetic studies, and concentration calculations from standard curves.