LTEK CO., LTD was established in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea with innovative life science measurement equipment.

The LTEK™ INNO microplate spectrophotometer is a 21st century new generation instrument for all the researches that deals with the absorbance and luminescence. INNO and INNO-M are based with monochromatic measuring technology which allows your research to higher level.

INNO-X which is the software for INNO and INNO-M has powerful functions with high accuracy of result data. One of the most convenient part of INNO-X is that the end users can download the software from the website of LTEK at anytime and anywhere only with the internet connection. And be able to update the software whenever the new upgraded version is available. Allowing variety of endpoint, kinetic, spectral scanning, and area scanning assays. Results are provided quickly and presented conveniently on Microsoft Excel which allows you to be able to save and manage the result data securely.